What is a


A token syndicate is a small group of token buyers that pool together using a smart contract. The syndicate is created by a Syndicate lead who sets the terms of the syndicate, what tokens it will buy and who can buy into the syndicate.

How to

Create a Syndicate

Smart Contract

Use the smart contract syndicate generator to create the crowdsale smart contract that governs the operation of the syndicate.

Syndicate Profile

Create the syndicate profile including terms, what the syndicate will buy into and who can join the syndicate. Syndicate leads can set their reward for creating and managing the syndicate.

Launch & Promote

Launch the syndicate via the smart contract and profile on BlockToken – the syndicate will then be open for applications from suitable participants.

Joining a


Joining a syndicate involves identifying which syndicate is of interest to you, then simply click the syndicate application form and the syndicate lead will confirm your application. You will need to undertake KYC/identity verification through our platform. Once approved you can then buy into the syndicate. The syndicate will then action it’s stated token buying strategy once it has received sufficient syndicate members.

Smart contract Powered

Key benefits

 Use smart contracts to automate one or more syndicates

 Access private stage discounts limited to institutions

 Build your own crypto trading profile

 Set different terms of metrics to the primary ICO

 Aggregate token buyers with a syndicate lead



To start your own syndicate you simply need to use our syndicate smart contract generator to set the terms and key features of the syndicate and rules for participation. Syndicates can restrict by geography, type of token to buy into and set the rewards the syndicate lead and syndicate members will receive.


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