BLT Tokens – Private Pre-Sale Stage

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BLT Tokens – Private Pre-Sale Stage

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BLT Tokens are utility tokens that will serve to purchase services on the BlockToken platform such as marketing, token generation, workflow management and audience development. You will need the MetaMask extension installed and active to acquire BLT Tokens using ETH (Ethereum).

Purchase BLT Tokens (ERC20 Ethereum compatible tokens) for use on the BlockToken platform.

These tokens are being sold to eligible participants in the current private stage.

Pricing is 50% discounted from the Main Sale full price of US$0.25 per token, for a limited tranche of tokens.

The BLT Tokens are designed as Utility Tokens and will serve as the primary mechanism to acquire services and initiate projects on the BlockToken Token Issuance Platform.

Token buyers must read and accept the Token Sale Terms and tranfer ETH using MetaMask (installed and active in either Firefox or Chrome browser).

The Private Stage Whitepaper is available at BlockToken Whitepaper.