BlockToken Bounty Program

Bounty Campaign Description

General Rules and Terms of the Bounty Program

The BlockToken Bounty Program is not yet active – in the meantime signup for the AirDrop.

All the latest rules and terms of the Bounty are at

Up to 30 million BLT Tokens are available for the Bounty Program.


The Bounty will will be allocated as follows:


  • 30% allocated to Blog, Video and Creative
  • 15% allocated to the Signature Participants
  • 20% allocated to referrals
  • 20% allocated to Social Channels – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Telegram, Reddit
  • 15% allocated to Translations.



Sign up at and post your weekly effort by Sunday midnight each week.


The Bounty Program will start on 1 October 2018 and will end on the last day of the Token Sale or when the Token Sale sells out.

For any questions regarding the bounty campaign please use this thread.

You may not ask about bounty issues in official telegram group or social channels or you will be disqualified

10% of the total token pool will be allocated to the bounty (30 million BLT Tokens total value at ICO issue price of US$7.5m);

The rewards earned during the bounty program will be given to participants after the Token Sale has ended, tokens earnt through the bounty program may have an lockup period;

Rewards will be in the form of BLT Tokens which will be placed into your account;

If necessary changes may be made to the Bounty Program by the Bounty Manager, e.g. the system may change if the desired number of participants is not reached;

Tactics such as using several accounts, cheating, spamming, unethical behaviour, or relying on someone else to do the work will disqualify you from any of the bounties.

Your content, post or activity must reference, or, or hashtags #BlockToken, #BLTToken, #BlockTokenBounty

Blogs, Content & Videos about BlockToken

You can create blog posts, videos and unique content to promote BlockToken.



Low –     25 stakes/week                                          

Medium –     50 stakes/week                                         

High –    100 stakes/week                                      

Star –     200 stakes/week                                          



  • The content Should be high quality and meaningful.
  • Tags & Topic for Article Publication should be about BlockToken , BLT Token, BLT Token Sale and related topics such as launching token offerings on EOS.
  • Duplicate Content will lead to disqualification from the Bounty program.
  • Approval Rights are reserved with BlockToken team.



  • Your video must be at high quality (720p/1080p).
  • Your Youtube channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • Your video must be shared on your account in social networks: Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.
  • Your video must contain hashtag and link in description: and hashtag #blocktoken
  • You can create maximum 5 videos per week.



  • Your article or blog must be published on website with 1000+ visits per day.
  • Your content must be shared on your account in social networks: Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.
  • Your content must contain hashtag and link: and hashtag #blocktoken
  • Your post must have at least 500 words
  • You can create maximum 5 articles per week.
  • There are special conditions for cooperation for top bloggers (100,000+ subscribers), contact: [email protected].  
  • Your post will be evaluated by BlockToken, you will be rewarded in accordance with our assessment based on objective factors, including the number of views, shares, likes, etc.

Social Channels

Twitter Campaign

Earn Tokens as a reward for tweeting about BLT Token, for retweeting, liking and replying to BlockToken official announcements.


Tier 5: Having 100+ followers           – 01 stakes/week

Tier 4: Having 500+ followers           – 02 stakes/week

Tier 3: Having 1’000+ followers        – 05 stakes/week

Tier 2: Having 2’500+ followers        – 10 stakes/week

Tier 1: Having 5’000+ followers        – 15 stakes/week

Tier 0: Having 10’000+ followers      – 20 stakes/week

Bonus: Constructive reply                 – 01 stake/reply


  • Firstly, follow us here:
  • Create at least 5 tweets a week around BLT Token & Re-tweet all the important BlockToken announcements.
  • Retweet all of BlockToken official announcements.


  • Twitter audit must be equal to or greater than 85%.
  • Must make at least 5 tweets about BLT Token per week.
  • Retweet all of BlockToken official announcements.
  • Change in payment addresses is not permitted, so make sure that you provide the correct details the first time.


Facebook Campaign

Earn Tokens as a Reward for getting people to join the BlockToken Facebook Group, sharing and commenting on BlockToken Official Announcements.


Tier 5: Having 250+             friends: – 01 stakes/week

Tier 4: Having 500+             friends: – 02 stakes/week

Tier 3: Having 1000+           friends: – 05 stakes/week

Tier 2: Having 2500+           friends: – 10 stakes/week

Tier 1: Having 4500-5000    friends: – 15 stakes/week

Bonus: Constructive comment:                   – 01 stake/comment


How to Apply


  • You must have a minimum of 250 friends.
  • Your Facebook account must not be fake, inactive or a bot account. Only original Facebook accounts will be accepted.
  • You must be an active and regular Facebook user, and must share and like the BlockToken official posts and updates.
  • Your account must be open as a Public Profile and all posts shared need to be public.


Linkedin Campaign

Earn Tokens as a Reward for sharing, liking and commenting on BlockToken Linkedin posts and Official Announcements.



Tier 3: Having 200+ connections:             – 01 stakes/week

Tier 2: Having 500+ connections:             – 02 stakes/week

Tier 1: Having 1000+ connections:             – 05 stakes/week

Bonus: Constructive comment                 – 01 stake/comment


Reddit Campaign

Earn Tokens as a Reward for posting about BLT Token and sharing BlockToken Official Announcements on different subreddits.


5 upvotes+comments       – 02 stakes/week

10 upvotes+comments     – 05 stakes/week

20 upvotes+comments     – 10 stakes/week

50 upvotes+comments     – 20 stake/week

100 upvotes+comments   – 50 stakes/week

300 upvotes+comments   – 100 stake/week

Subscribe to the channel –     02 stakes

If you followed us on Reddit, comment your Reddit username in the Bounty thread Format to post your work



  • For a post to be counted, it needs to be posted on one of the following subreddits, or cryptocurrency related subreddits: r/bitcoin, r/ethereum, r/ethtrader, r/cryptocurrency, r/icocrypto/, r/CryptoMarkets/
  • Posts and Comments with negative Karma will be considered invalid. Any kind of spam will not be considered for rewards either.
  • External posts should link to either BlockToken Website or BlockToken Official Announcement.
  • You have to post on different subreddits.


Telegram Campaign

Earn Tokens as a Reward for joining the BlockToken’s Telegram Group


Telegram User:                    – 01 stake


  • Join Telegram:  
  • You must register with a real account, and only one reward per telegram user.
  • Comment your Telegram username with which you have joined. All submissions will be verified.


Signature Campaign

Join our Signature Campaign which is the easiest way for you to earn rewards and help spread the word about BlockToken on Bitcointalk. Wearing a BlockToken avatar will also earn you rewards (does not apply for Newbie, Jr Member and Member).


Jr Member                   – 10 stakes

Member                       – 25 stakes

Full Member                 – 50 stakes

Sr Member                   – 75 stakes

Hero and Legendary      – 100 stakes

Wear Avatar                 – 25 stakes


  • Must make at least 20 posts per month.
  • Posts in bounty/signature campaign threads will not be counted.

Referral Campaign

Earn 5% of all token sales generated from your referrals. Register at  and use your unique referral URL to invite others to participate in the BLT Token sale.


  • Referrals must mention you as a referral in the purchase form, otherwise, it won’t be counted towards earning a stake.
  • If you refer duplicates and fake accounts it will not be counted as a stake and you might get disqualified.

Translation Campaign

Earn Tokens as a Reward for translating the Landing Page of BlockToken, for Whitepaper, Explainer video and Blog posts.

Explainer video:                 – 100 stakes
Posts:                                 – 200 stakes
Landing Page:                    – 300 stakes
Bounty Thread:                  – 300 stakes
Whitepaper:                       – Please contact us first


Languages: Arabic, Indonesian, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish.


To reserve a language you must join Telegram and PM one of the admins to post your work


  • The Translation should represent human-written content. If you use tools such as Google Translate or automatic translators, your submission will be rejected and you will be disqualified.
  • Additionally, you have 5 days to finish your translation, from the day you were accepted to do so.
  • The Bounty Manager and the Team reserve the right to make changes to these terms or apply new.

BlockToken’s AirDrop

The airdrop runs separately to the Bounty and you can register and refer friends for free BLT Tokens at

Up to 15 million BLT Tokens are allocated to the airdrop.