BlockToken is a next generation token issuance platform for the launching and marketing of your initial token offering.

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BlockToken Token Offering Pre Sale Begins

August 2018

$38M Hard Cap

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Simplifying Token Offerings

We are a platform for simplifying initial token offerings (ICOs) through our focus on the four key pillars of successful token sales, including ICO advisory, project vetting and building audiences and token buyer bases to support your token offering.

BlockToken ICO
BlockToken ICO
BlockToken ICO
BlockToken ICO
BlockToken ICO

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Cost per token (In USD)

Token Allotment

Tranche 1



15 million BLT Tokens

Tranche 2



15 million BLT Tokens

Tranche 3



15 million BLT Tokens

Tranche 4



15 million BLT Tokens

Tranche 5



15 million BLT Tokens

* Total Pre-Sale tokens 75 million. Main Sale 100 million tokens priced at US$0.25 per token.

BlockToken ICO

What are Initial Token Offerings?

A new way of raising funds for startups that displaces traditional angel investors and venture capital funds.

An Initial Coin Offering, also known as an ICO, is a fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin and ether. It is occasionally described as being similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) where a company sells shares to the public and lists on a stock exchange. However, the key distinction being that the majority of token offerings do not consider themselves an issue of securities and usually ICOs are undertaken to provide funding to build a new product.

BlockToken ICO

We Generate Audiences and a User Base for Token Based Ventures

Distribution & Marketing

BlockToken is a distribution platform for Initial Coin Offerings and Token Offerings. ICOs need an audience and mass investor reach to be successful and through BlockToken we manage the audience build and reach to your future token holders and potential customers for your products and services.

BlockToken ICO
BlockToken ICO
BlockToken ICO

End to End Solution

A next-generation token issuance, funding, distribution and exchange platform. An end to end proposition that encompasses onboarding, distribution to investors, token issuance and post-ICO liquidity and governance.- Token issuance and offer structure, automation and access to an investor audience - Complex token and security features and protocols - Jurisdictional and regulatory clarity and simplification in a rapidly evolving spaceWe are a holistic ecosystem for ICO growth, distribution and token liquidation.

BlockToken ICO

Token Issuance Infrastructure

We provide an end-to-end solution for launching large-scale token offerings. This includes Token generation and Issuance, Structure, Governance and Compliance and ultimately exchange listings and token Liquidity.

BlockToken is undertaking its own token offering to help build the next generation of tokens and to support early stage ventures.

BlockToken ICO

BlockToken’s Core Services

BlockToken is building a blockchain-based crowdsale token marketplace underpinned by ICO advisory, global distribution, marketing campaigns, token minting and creation technology and investor roadshows and outreach

BlockToken ICO

ICO Distribution

We distribute your campaign offering through our network of partners, brokers and media affiliates in Australia, Asia and Europe.

BlockToken ICO

Marketing Campaigns

ICO campaigns need marketing budgets to successfully reach a mass audience, we plan and manage the marketing campaign across multiple channels and media.

BlockToken ICO

Token Issuance

In conjunction with technical experts we help you design both simple ERC20 tokens and more complex smart contracts and manage the issuance to your token holders.

BlockToken ICO

Investor Roadshows

Getting in front of investors, crypto analysts and fund managers is a critical part of raising both awareness and capital, we manage local and international roadshows and key events.

BlockToken ICO

Launch a Token Offering

Helping Founders Launch an ICO

Initial Token Offerings are complex projects that involve strategy development, legal and tax advice, technology development and coordinated project development.

BlockToken provides a proven pathway for the launch, planning and management of early-stage ventures that are looking to utilise both blockchain technology and a token economy to build a global audience and user base.

BlockToken ICO

Our Roadmap


Identification of gaps in the token offering market when working with blockchain based ventures.

Q1 2018

Development of the marketing and distribution services and channels for initial token offerings. Whitepaper drafting and team development.

Q2 2018

Initial token offering development, planning, whitepaper drafting and team development. Whitelisting opens June 2018.

Q3 2018

Initial token offering opens, roadshow and development of the client and project dashboard.

Q4 2018

Completion of the token offering, application and liquidity options will be provided to buy the BLT token to access the benefits of the BlockToken ecosystem and commencement of the platform development.


Launch of the full initial token platform features, digital wallet and full suite of marketing services to build custom audiences.


Token offerings are complex projects that require significant resources to build an audience and token buyer base. A platform such as BlockToken helps build your user base significantly faster in a more structured manner.

  • The team behind BlockToken and its advisors have deep experience in corporate advisory, growing early-stage ventures, growth hacking and managing token offerings.

Revenues are generated from listing fees that provide access to the token generation technology, managing marketing budgets and a 3% to 5% success fee.

Our model is more focused on achieving mass global uptake of your product and token, however we consider on a case by case basis custom advisory roles.

Initially it is expected that BLT tokens will be traded on exchanges, however BlockToken plans to build an exchange purely to provide immediate liquidity for token issuances on BlockToken.

Currently, as the BLT token is an ERC20 compatible token we’ll accept ETH, however in due course we’ll accept also BTC, LTC and potentially other cryptocurrencies.

We believe that the BLT token meets all the key features of a utility token which has the primary purpose of allowing token holders to acquire services on the BlockToken platform.

An Analytical and Technological Approach to Suit Fast Token Campaigns

Prepare - Analyse - Launch - Grow

BlockToken ICO

Convert concepts into action plans

BlockToken ICO

Plan your campaign budget

BlockToken ICO

Launch your ICO campaign

BlockToken ICO

Convert concepts into action plans

Team & Advisors

BlockToken ICO

Genson Glier


BlockToken ICO

Ivan Mantelli

Strategy & ICO Advisory

BlockToken ICO

Allan Denot


BlockToken ICO

Emily Su

Investment Analyst

Matt Volk Photo

Matt Volk

Strategic Advisor

Sumeer Pai

Sumeer Pai

Financial Compliance

BlockToken ICO

Monique Bachner


BlockToken ICO

Vaibhav Namburi

Blockchain Advisor

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BlockToken ICO

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