BlockToken is a next-gen token generator & decentralized exchange platform for launching digitized assets & token offerings

We provide investors, companies global access to new ventures and secure trading of their portfolios

Platform for automating and streamlining initial token offerings (ICOs & STOs) through token generation, EOS & Ethereum blockchain development and commercialisation, distribution to crypto audiences, connecting developers to the EOS & Etheruem blockchain on our DApp program and delivering immediate liquidity through the BlockToken exchange.

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Launching the BlockToken EOS Native Token

The BLT Token is a utility token built on EOS, the fast and scalable blockchain network that allows BLT Token holders to:

- Launch new tokens powered by EOS
- Create smart contract syndicates
- Rewards tokens holders with 2%+ airdrops for every new token
- Incentivises projects reviewers
- Build and launch your own crowdfunding DApps
- Trade your Tokens on our Decentralized exchange

We Generate Audiences and a User Base for Token Based Ventures

Distribution & Marketing

BlockToken is a distribution platform for Initial Coin Offerings and Token Offerings. ICOs need an audience and mass investor reach to be successful and through BlockToken we manage the audience build and reach to your future token holders and potential customers for your products and services.

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BlockToken’s Core Services

XToken is building a blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) lending marketplace. The platform is intending to enable for instant and direct lending between supply-side lenders and the demandside borrowers from all over the world in a trusted manner using the advantages of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

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ICO/STO Distribution

We distribute your campaign offering through our network of partners, brokers and media affiliates in Australia, Asia and Europe.

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Marketing Campaigns

ICO/STO campaigns need marketing budgets to successfully reach a mass audience, we plan and manage the marketing campaign across multiple channels and media.

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Token Issuance

In conjunction with technical experts we help you design both simple ERC20 tokens and more complex smart contracts and manage the issuance to your token holders.

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Investor Roadshows

Getting in front of investors, crypto analysts and fund managers is a critical part of raising both awareness and capital, we manage local and international roadshows and key events.

Investor Friendly

Connect scalable enterprise grade ventures to
leading investors

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Launch a Token Offering

Helping Founders Launch an ICO

Initial Token Offerings are complex projects that involve strategy development, legal and tax advice, technology development and coordinated project development.

BlockToken provides a proven pathway for the launch, planning and management of early-stage ventures that are looking to utilise both blockchain technology and a token economy to build a global audience and user base.

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An Analytical and Technological Approach to Suit
Fast Campaigns

Prepare - Analyse - Launch - Grow

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concepts into
action plans

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Plan your

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Launch your
ICO campaign

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Grow your
audience and
user base

Token & Blockchain Projects

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Collateralized crypto loans platform
Hard Cap $47 million

Q4 2018

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The EOS powered crowdfunding platform

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Platform Features

End to end management and automation platform for the seamless issuance of EOS based token offerings.

Explore our Token Sale

Learn about the BlockToken native token and learn more about our EOS based token economy.

Airdrop & Bounty Program

Join BlockToken’s live Airdrop of free tokens and earn tokens for promoting our token sale.

See All Crowdfunding Products

See all the DApps built on the BlockToken platform for powering crowdfunding campaigns.